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what are we doing

What we are doing?

  • Plankton sampling in oceanic water, by a CDCP (Collaborative Data Collection Project) working with ocean going yachts to collect and analysis plankton and plastic concentrations in oceanic water, coordinated research yacht Copepod of the Goes Foundation
  • Continue to conduct research and deploy tertiary treatment system to help remove all plastic and toxic chemicals from wastewater
  • Development of Community based wastewater closed loop systems to recycle and bio-desalinate water for up to 10,000 people. 1 million of these systems would eliminate 80% of the worlds pollution and provide 10% of the food supply using wastewater
  • Conducting sound scientific investigations into the identification and quantification of the root causes of chemically induced plankton and coral population reductions
  • Outreach to educate the manufacturing industry, scientific community, and the public about the nature, extent, and outcomes of phytoplankton and coral reef loss as well as potential solutions to this global crisis. The GOES Report
  • Advocating for the reduction in use of plastics, microfibers, nano-plastic beads, and chemicals inherently harmful to ocean and planetary life
  • Promote the use of green chemical and plastic free consumer products

Life on earth depends upon healthy Oceans, we have 10 years to stop toxic chemical pollution, or life on earth may become impossible

Dr. Howard Dryden, CSO

Goes Foundation

Roslin Innovation Centre
The University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian EH25 9RG