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Howard Dryden

About Dr.Howard Dryden


Dr. Howard Dryden is a marine biologist specialising in water treatment. His PhD was on molecular sieve ion exchange filtration led to the development of a product called AFM (activated filter media)

AFM is manufactured by up-cycling coloured glass bottles to make a water filtration media that replaces sand in sand filters for the filtration of water. A company, was formed in 1980 to manufacture AFM, more than 50% of all the coloured glass bottles in Scotland and Switzerland now go into the production of the water filtration media.

AFM and Howard have provided or upgraded water treatment system for over 100 of the world’s largest public aquaria, as well as pharmaceutical companies in China, textiles in Bangladesh, steel in Taiwan and petrochemicals in Korea and municipal wastewater in India.

80% of all disease in low-income countries is from the consumption of water or from breathing in the aerosol of contaminated water. In 2010 Howard progressed with a European Commission FP7 research program to develop a water treatment strategy for the River Ganga and for the removal of arsenic and heavy metals from groundwater.

In all his travels in India and Asia he has never seen a rural community drinking water system running for more than 12 months 100% failure, because the systems do not use appropriate technology. Howard then spent the next 5 years developing CAFÉ (Clean Aqua For Ever)

The CAFE filter uses AFM, but there are not valves, no electronic control systems, no moving parts, so nothing to go wrong. CAFÉ should last for 30+ years, a social enterprise Community Interest Company was formed to promote CAFÉ. Clean Water Wave wish to create a wave of social enterprises for the benefit of low-income people, so they have clean water.

The CAFE filter was tested on a municipal wastewater treatment plant and turned the wastewater into drinking water. Howard also developed the EDEN system, a nature inspired biological process, when combined with CAFÉ can eliminate pollution and desalinate wastewater from rural communities and provide 100% water sustainability.

Howard has seen the best as well as the worst in water treatment and pollution and as a marine biologist has managed to join the dots and connect oceanic water quality, pollution, and climate change. The realisation is that humanity will have destroyed most of the marine environment by 2045.

We could survive climate change, but we will not survive the loss of marine life, this is now the mission for Howard.

Life on earth depends upon healthy Oceans, we have 10 years to stop toxic chemical pollution, or life on earth may become impossible

Dr. Howard Dryden, CSO

Goes Foundation

Roslin Innovation Centre
The University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian EH25 9RG