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Sun Screen

Sun screen is killing the oceans and damaging your health, 10 years to eliminate toxic chemicals, because in 25 years humanity can not survive on earth unless we fix the problem now.


The world manufactures well in excess of 10,000 tonnes of chemical sun screen that contains Oxybenzone. It costs 1 Euro per kg for Alibaba and 1 Kg would kill all marine life in 200 km2. the same area as the Island of Samoa, the chemical is incredibly toxic and we use this on our skin????


It is used in personal care products from lipstick to shaving creams, over 3500 cosmetics contain the chemical which is also toxic to people.


Call for action..... Do not use any cosmetics containing Oxybenzone for your own health as well as coral reefs and the oceans. Read the labels on your cosmetics and PCP, if it contains Oxybenzone, photograph the product and post on Linkedin and use the Hash Tag hashtag#goesfoundation hashtag#oxybenzone hashtag#choose_your_lifeline hashtag#plankton

About the author

Howard Dryden

Dr Howard Dryden is a leading, internationally acclaimed marine biologist.