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Ocean Safe

Ocean Safe Zones

Register your company or organisation with GOES as an Ocean safe organisation, there are 3 levels.


1. Applies to any organisation that makes a commitment to stop using toxic chemicals in the office or factory. An organisation working towards zero discharge or zero impact to the aquatic environment. An organisation that advises their work force and clients of the dangers of personal care products and cosmetics, not only for personal health but for the protection of the environment.

2. Any organisation following the above that is zero discharge or zero impact to the environment.

3. An organisation that follows the above and is audited by the GOES Foundation to verify compliance. There will be a cost for this service and maintenance of the accreditation



Mobile Application

Mobile Application

GOES Foundation is developing a phone application that will allow individuals and companies to make informed decisions to avoid products that are toxic to the environment and personal health.


Education and Workshops

The GOES Foundation team are available to give talks, presentations and educational  workshops.  They may take place on COPEPOD, our research yacht located in Scotland or at the locations and times detailed.