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We all have some Ocean dust inside our bodies

We all have some of OCEAN DUST inside our bodies.

Diatoms are one of the most important marine plants that give us around 20% of all our oxygen and remove the same amount of carbon dioxide. Because they are made of silica, their skeletons survive inside us all. We are all made of ocean dust....

This demonstrates that we are all connected to the oceans, when we breathe in air, we are breathing in marine plants in every breath.

Due to ocean acidification, diatoms and carbonate based marine plants are going to change to plants call dinoflagellates, and many of them are toxic. This will happen over the next 25 years.

Will the air we breath become toxic ? check-out red-tides

We need to protect ocean ecosystems, because they represent our greatest carbon sink, and all life on earth depends upon the oceans.

We need to stop the pollution from toxic chemicals and plastic, regenerate nature, and nature will help remove the carbon.

Life on earth depends upon healthy Oceans, we have 10 years to stop toxic chemical pollution, or life on earth may become impossible

Dr. Howard Dryden, CSO

Goes Foundation

Roslin Innovation Centre
The University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian EH25 9RG