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Past and Future Presentations, webinars and conferences calendar of GOES ocean team

10th may, 9 am Portugal time Portugal, webinar

The ICoWEFS Conference on the oceans and our environment
20th May, all day, Key note by GOES London UK, webinar

Global Chemical Catastrophes and the Clean Ocean Solution to Climate Change

Global Game changers

6th of June 2021, 13.30 hrs UK based, webinar

Cruising Association webinar


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August 2021, date to be advised UK, live presentation

Royal Society in Edinburgh.  Regenerate Nature, our best hope to reverse climate change

21st & 22nd of October The Royal Geographical Society, London

“Ecosystems and the Harmony of Nature” with world famous biologist and naturalist Professor E.O. Wilson “How to Save the Natural World”–  Sir David Attenborough in conversation

4th & 5th of November SECC Glasgow

COP26,  Presentation by Howard Dryden. The Regeneration of Nature, our best hope to avoid climate change