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Howard Dryden’s company was founded from his PhD research on molecular sieve ion exchange zeolitic sand filtration systems for closed system aquaculture and development of intensive aquaculture technology as well as Public Aqua LSS life support systems. His technology, while developed to improve animal health and protect the aquatic environment, is now being applied in numerous markets where clients demand effective, sustainable solutions to deliver clean, safe water.

From Dryden Aqua the filter media AFM was developed.  AFM is manufactured from container glass as a raw material, and the company now recycles 50% of the coloured glass bottles in Scotland and Switzerland.

AFM can be used to treat just about any water source and provide clean drinking water.  After working in India for 5 years, AFM was used to provide clean drinking water from the River Ganga, one of the world’s most polluted rivers.  AFM was also used to remove arsenic from ground water in West Bengal, the biggest source of human poisoning in the world. Howard also appreciated that with all his travels in India an SE Asia that remarkably,  there were no sustainable drinking water systems that can survive  more than 12 months in rural communities. With the challenge set, Howard set about to develop a new filter technology for  rural communities and low-income countries. The CAFE (Clean Aqua For Everyone) filter was born,  and because of the social implications, a new social enterprise company Clean Water Wave CIC was formed to promote the technology.  Clean Water Wave CIC is a 100% asset locked community interest company, so it is not for personal profit.  Howard is the CSO for Clean Water Wave CIC

Howard is an internationally acclaimed marine biologist, now takes the helm as Chief Scientific Officer of GOES Foundation  (Global Oceanic Environmental Survey). As an academic and successful businessman, Howard’s 30+ year career has been focused on one vision — to make the aquatic environment safer and cleaner for humans and all the other organisms on which our life depends. Along with his team of marine biologists, and an experienced globally-connected group of policy makers, communication experts and management consultants are the driving force behind GOES. Climate change is all about carbon dioxide,  but most of the effort by Governments has gone into reducing emissions.  Howards focus is about restoring oceanic ecosystems to sequester carbon dioxide.  We now know that unless we can eliminate aquatic environmental pollution from toxic-for-ever chemicals such as PCBs and Oxybenzone, then it will result in ocean acidification and a complete collapse of the entire marine environment.

All life on earth depends on a healthy Oceanic ecosystem, yet it has been completely ignored. If we don’t eliminate pollution within 10 years, then we lose the Marine Ecosystem and biodiversity in 25 years, along with the food supply for 2 billion people.  The Goes Foundation is therefore now the primary focus of Dr.Howard Dryden


CSO Clean Water Wave cic

CSO Goes Foundation

Roslin Innovation Centre

The University of Edinburgh

Easter Bush Campus

Midlothian EH25 9RG


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Life on earth depends upon healthy Oceans, we have 10 years to stop toxic chemical pollution, or life on earth may become impossible

Dr. Howard Dryden, CSO

Goes Foundation

Roslin Innovation Centre
The University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian EH25 9RG