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The white crab of Lanzarote

The blind albino crab (Munidopsis polymorpha) was first identified in 1892, it now only lives in one seawater cave pond in Lanzarote. It is not really a crab but a squat lobster, about 10mm in size. The crab can be found in the tourist complex Jameos del Agua which was constructed from a Volcano lava tube from La Corona Volcano 15,000 years ago.

The lava tube runs for 7 km underground and is part of the Cueva de los Verdes. There was a sign up next to the pond advising tourists not to through coins into the water, because the metal from the coins would likely kill the crabs.
Why can’t we do the same with the oceans, why do we continue to dump untreated or only partially treated municipal wastewater and industrial water into the oceans. will need to zoom right in on the photo to see the crabs

Life on earth depends upon healthy Oceans, we have 10 years to stop toxic chemical pollution, or life on earth may become impossible

Dr. Howard Dryden, CSO

Goes Foundation

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The University of Edinburgh
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