The NASA PACE mission is on its way today.

PACE = Plankton, Aerosols, Clouds and ocean Ecosystems

Plankton and biogenic factors regulate water vapour pressure and aerosol cloud formation. The combined processes probably contribute over 70% of the anthropogenic factors that regulate the climate. For example, 80% of the world’s water vapour is from evaporation from the ocean surface, which covers 71% of the planet. Plankton produce a lipid surfactant layer that covers the world’s oceans in a skin 1 to 1000 microns thick, which regulates up to 50% of all gas transfers, including water vapour. We know it is really important, but it is only now that the subject is being investigated in detail with the launch of PACE.

We need to take a precautionary approach; we will never have all the facts, but we know that partially combusted carbon particles, plastic, and lipophilic toxic chemicals are killing the planet and destroying plankton.

While we need sensors to monitor the systems and collect data, we also need action. 80% of the world’s municipal and industrial wastewater is discharged untreated; the same applies to atmospheric pollution.

99.82% of the global land area is exposed to toxic levels of particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5)

Billions of dollars are being spent on sensors, and effectively nothing on fixing the problem.

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