The report gives the impression that this has just started to happen when, in reality, the alarm bell has been ringing for 40 years and we are now approaching the end point.

The public and academics have suffered from shifting baseline syndrome, and the world thinks everything is okay. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nature is heading for a crash, and very little is being done to stop the destruction.

A secondary mass delusion is that it is all caused by carbon dioxide and that it can all be solved if we reduce carbon emissions. The anthropogenic production of carbon dioxide is responsible for perhaps 10% to 25% of climate change. The primary factors are pollution from black carbon particles and plastic combined with lipophilic toxic chemicals. For example, black carbon soot makes the snow at the poles darker, making it absorb more heat, which makes the snow even darker as the black particles concentrate on the surface of the snow. This is a self-reinforcing loop that could be responsible for more than 50% of snow and ice melt.

The wastewater from 6 billion people and industrial waste from 80% of all companies in the world is discharged untreated. Pollution is killing nature.

The third delusion, especially for most people living in cities and high-income countries, is that nature does not matter. Why is coral important? What does it matter if all the copepods die?. If either of these two events occurs, 90% of humanity will be lost. The explanation will be given in my next post.

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