The mechanism for climate change control

The Zeta potential, or electrical charge potential, of a particle in suspension will dictate how the water molecules line up and inter-react with each other; it changes the molecular topography ( ) and all the chemical reactions.

The charge will influence how easy it is for water to pass through desalination membranes; it will control the amount of energy required to pump water through pipes and blood flow through your veins and arteries.  It will even regulate the transport of water and molecules across cell membranes.

The simple act of moving water will increase its potential to the point where the water will become self-sterilizing. By way of example, fast-flowing water will always have a lower bacteria concentration than slow-flowing water. If you exercise, the redox potential and oxygen content of your blood go up, and health benefits are self-evident

Zeta potential also controls how nutrients and waste are transported across semi-permeable membranes in all cells; it dictates how bacteria can absorb nutrients, and it controls the ability of any organism to osmoregulate.

The zeta potential is related to and influenced by many mechanical, chemical, and physiochemical interactions. Water chemistry is also all interconnected; for example, if you change the pH or monovalent to divalent cation ratio, this will impact the redox potential, zeta potential, water clarity, and bacterial activity.

The surface water of the world’s oceans (71% of the planet) now has 10 to 1000 microparticles of plastic and partially combusted carbon per litre. The surface microfilm, or SML skin, is a semi-permeable membrane, and it is being destroyed, and over the last 60 million years dissolved divalent cation concentrations have dropped 500%

The rate of gas diffusion for water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen into the atmosphere has increased by as much as 50%. Water vapour represents 70% of all greenhouse gases; the SML regulates cloud formation, and the reflection of solar radiation has profoundly changed for the worse.

The ocean surface SML layer is now scarred, and unless it is repaired, carbon mitigation will be a waste of time. Resource should be spent on the elimination of pollution and regeneration of nature, the life support system for the planet

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