COP28 has become a disgrace

COP28 has become a disgrace managed by the energy sector, but maybe if they realised that carbon was not the main issue but the ecological catastrophe that is unfolding over the next 20 years, then maybe their resources would get behind the elimination of pollution and regeneration of nature. This is our best hope for the future, but almost nothing is being done to save the planet’s life support system.

Where we are now…
·     80% of all rainwater now contains microplastic and toxic chemicals; only rainwater generated from the transpiration of water from trees will be clean.
·     99% of our atmosphere is now beyond the WHO safe limit for PM2.5 particles
·     All oily fish, such as tuna, are toxic
·     All fish over 2 m length are toxic
·     All dolphins and whales have heavy metal and PCB concentrations 50 times higher than would cause brain damage in humans
·     All Baobab trees in Africa are dying
·     Human life expectancy is dropping in high-income countries due to toxic load
·     90% + of cancer is caused by exposure to toxic chemicals and substances; this applies to humans as well as all of nature
·     80% of all insects on the planet are dead, and 100% could be gone in 20 years
·     Human fertility will also have dropped to zero by 2050 in high-income countries, which will solve many of these problems.
·     Most of climate change is caused by water vapour and aerosols, but we focus on carbon dioxide, which is a minor greenhouse gas.
·     All toxic chemicals and plastic will eventually return after a few weeks or years and fall as toxic rain back on land to contaminate all our drinking water, soil, crops, and all of nature.
·     Ocean acidification, current level pH8.03, by the time it drops to pH7.95 by 2045 under RCP8.5, there will be a massive regime shift and we will lose all the seals, whales, birds, fish, and food supply for 3 billion people. Seawater becomes toxic with dinoflagellate phytoplankton, and the atmosphere may also become toxic due to the algae.

What will it be like in 20 years?
·     It is unlikely that the planet will be able to sustain more than 10% of humanity and we will have catastrophic climate change, irrespective of carbon neutrality, due to Ocean acidification and loss of the planets biological life support system

Is there a way out of the mess? Yes, but the window of opportunity is closing.

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